Rutgers University / Research & Enrollment Information Services

Who We Are

The Research and Enrollment Information Services (REIS) unit serves Enrollment Management (EM), its departments, and related/constituent offices throughout Rutgers in research, information services, strategic planning, goal setting, and grant funding support. In consultation with academic deans and other EM stakeholders, REIS creates various projections/predictive models/automated KPI reports, and recommends goals (e.g., new, total, undergraduate, graduate, academic profile, diversity, scholarships, residency mix) and strategies. REIS designs and assesses qualitative and quantitative studies in support of EM (including grant initiatives), incorporating advanced statistical techniques.

REIS collaboratively contributes to the research, committee formation, proposals, and project management effort to replace Rutgers' legacy student systems. REIS’s 30+ university-wide IT applications fuel outreach, recruitment and enrollment activities, from the pre-college to graduate admissions stages, including the Prospect (over 500k active records) and CRM systems (12M-plus messages annually), which enable multi-step automated messages with tracking to a variety of populations, and the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). REIS is responsible for over 3 terabytes (TB) of data, 200+ client machines, 50+ servers (virtual, web, Oracle, reporting, imaging), and providing EM with IT security and business continuity.

REIS created and co-leads the university-wide Student Success Committee (SSC), designed to improve university undergraduate student outcomes (particularly retention/graduation rates).

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
Paul Johnson, Ed.D.
Application Development
Daniel Camputaro
Jerry Lardieri
Carlos Lescano
Jerry Troiano
Shamir Khan (Graduate Admissions)
Linda Geoghegan (Newark Admissions)
Database Administration and Reporting
Anthony Bajorek, J.D.
Beverly Ross
Research, Pre-college Programs, and Grant Assistance
Lauren Olsen, M.Ed.
Elena Ragusa, Psy.D.
System Administration
Gary Nelson
Andres Sierra
Unit Computing
Yorel Armstrong
Mehmet Kilic (Camden Admissions)
Research Assistants (Students)
Victoria Cabrera (Enrolled at the School of Social Work)
Maithili Purandare (Enrolled at the School of Arts and Sciences)
Lauren Lamprecht (Enrolled at the School of Arts and Sciences)
Desktop Support/Web Developers (Students)
Hunter Betz (Enrolled at the School of Arts and Sciences)
Will Lewental (Enrolled at the School of Engineering)
Matthew Peacock (Enrolled at the Rutgers Business School - New Brunswick)
Zach Persichetti (Enrolled at the School of Arts and Sciences)