Rutgers University / Research & Enrollment Information Services

Information Services

REIS streamlines processes for students from prospect to graduate admissions stages, including Rutgers Future Scholars (RFS) and other pre-college programs, through technological innovation.

Research and Strategic Planning

REIS coordinates strategic planing efforts for enrollment management (e.g., Strategic Enrollment Management or SEM plan). In consultation with academic deans and other stakeholders, REIS creates various projections/predictive models and recommends enrollment goals (new, total, undergraduate, graduate, academic profile, diversity, scholarships, residency mix, etc.) and strategies.

REIS conducts and assesses studies to evaluate/incorporate new measures\evaluations in EM areas (e.g., evaluations for Rutgers Future Scholars; SAT-Writing for admissions), including surveys/focus groups, using advanced statistical methods.

Research management

  • Design and implement technologically driven program evaluations for EM-managed programs.
  • Provide consultation to programs and units on how to use data to drive and inform their work.

Grant Application Support: REIS also assists with grant applications and program reporting requirements. Since 2015, REIS staff contributed to approximately $2 million dollars in funding secured for pre-college programming.

Application Development

REIS utilizes a state-of-the-art application development architecture built around the Microsoft .NET framework. From multi-tiered server and database regions, to a managed source code repository, REIS developers enjoy the benefits of structured design and code management. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity as well as enhanced idea sharing and collaboration.

REIS currently supports over 30 university-wide applications and many others specific to Enrollment Management. Some examples of applications maintained by REIS include:

  • Prospect System (over a half million prospective student records in active file)
  • Simphony CRM (over 12 million messages sent annually)
    • Enables multi-step automated, multi-channel communication campaigns with tracking (typically over 140 campaigns are running daily)
    • Direct interface with student information databases (RFS, admissions, financial aid, registrar, etc.)
  • Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)
    • Streamlines application and review process
    • Approximately 30,000 SRARs submitted annually
    • Estimated annual savings/ROI of over $500k and growing
  • RU Transfer and electronic transcript processing
    • Enables efficient transfer credit evaluations with "smart" evaluation library
    • Supports automated import and evaluation of electronic transcripts from other colleges
    • Interfaces with NJ Transfer, Admissions, Registration, CRM, and Degree Audit systems
  • Scholarship Administration
    • Streamlined awarding of approximately $30M (4-year value) in university scholarships for over 1000 incoming students annually
  • Many other university-wide applications
System Administration

The REIS Systems Administration (SA) team hosts and supports a number of critical services, university-wide applications and websites including REIS system services, ImageNow, and providing system support for Enrollment Management staff. The REIS SA team also handles the complete hosting and account management for the Office of Financial Aid and Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate) document imaging servers, providing workflow and repository services for these respective offices. In addition, the SA team is responsible for office-wide security, GLBA compliance, business continuity, backup, and disaster recovery procedures.

Database Administration and Reporting
  • Supporting several million records stored in Oracle clustered and SQL Server databases and 2+ terabytes of Enrollment Management production data.
  • Supporting SAP/Business Objects Reporting system, producing and distributing many year-to-date automated KPI reports and ad hoc reports used throughout the university.
  • Designing and supporting database structures/programming/complex business rules for facilitated admissions and scholarship decisions annually.
  • Supporting many secure interfaces and automated data interchange with internal and external parties (e.g., SAT, ACT, etc.).
Communications and Outreach

In addition to research, application development, and database/system administration, REIS also provides several mechanisms for aiding in communications and outreach. The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system allows easy and flexible setup of both email and paper-based mailing campaigns. From read detection logic in messages, link click tracking, and page view metrics, REIS can track the progress and effectiveness of a communications or marketing outreach program down to the individual student..