What is the Rutgers Future Scholars Program?

In 2007, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey established the Rutgers Future Scholars Program to increase the high school graduation rate of low income but academically promising students in Camden, Newark, New Brunswick and Piscataway. In 2016, we welcomed the Rahway community into the RFS family. Students who successfully complete the Rutgers Future Scholars Program and are admitted into Rutgers University are eligible to receive four years of free tuition via grants and scholarships.

How will the Rutgers Future Scholars Program help students graduate from high school and be admitted to Rutgers?

  • Tuition-free pre-college preparation summer programs
  • On-campus orientation, academic preparation and cultural events throughout the school years up to high school graduation
  • Advisement, tutoring, mentoring and standardized test prep during high school
  • Four years of free tuition via grants and scholarships to attend Rutgers University to those Future Scholars who graduate from high school and are admitted to Rutgers University
  • Four years of full tuition financial support in the form of federal, state, and Rutgers University grants and scholarships. Rutgers University will cover what is known as “gap” need (the remaining balance on a tuition bill after federal and state aid is allocated).
    For example: $12,000 Tuition - $7500 Federal/State Grants = $4,500 “gap” need Rutgers will cover $4500
  • Disclaimer: Admission into the Rutgers Future Scholars Program does not guarantee admission into Rutgers University. Scholars must apply to Rutgers during their senior year in high school and be admitted and enrolled to receive tuition financial support.

How do I become a Rutgers Future Scholar?

  • Be a 7th grade student in a public school in one of the following NJ Districts:
    Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, Piscataway, Rahway or LEAP Academy University Charter School
  • Be a first-generation college student; that is, your parent(s) or guardian(s) do not have a four-year college degree from a college or university
  • Meet the financial guidelines and submit requested documentation
  • Be highly recommended by your teachers and school administration
  • Have the full support and participation of your parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • Be in good academic standing based on your course grades
  • Agree to participate in all required programs and activities
  • Submit a copy of your 7th grade report card and the online application