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The Honors Living-Learning Community (HLLC) is a signature initiative growing out of our strategic plan that starts by considering anew the notions of talent and excellence. Not satisfied with this status quo of merely providing an opportunity to survive in college, RU-N is committed to exploring bold innovations that will set new expectations for students from Newark—and, by extension, across urban America—to thrive in college. Starting with the admissions process, this dynamic living-learning community will create a pathway and environment that will be inclusive of students who might be missed by traditional admissions processes. The HLLC expands the toolbox of metrics used to identify talent, concentrating on recruiting students with the most academic promise and leadership potential from a holistic perspective. The RU-N HLLC will provide comprehensive program components—and, crucially, comprehensive financial support through scholarships—that will allow students to thrive and persist through an undergraduate experience that is rooted in a cohort-model approach and RU-N’s anchor institution mission.

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