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4-H RU STEM Program

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

New Jersey 4-H has unique after school programs and science club opportunities that encourage excitement and accomplishment in science learning.

Program Requirements

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Enrollment Criteria:
Students who meet specific program criteria can enroll/participate in this program by signing up.
Program Fee:
Yes - $30.00 (one-time)


As a youth development organization, 4-H's objective is to provide an exciting, supportive, and intellectually stimulating environment for young people to explore STEM career fields.

4-H RU SET offers the following events:

Rutgerscience Saturdays: For students in grades 5-8. Students come to Rutgers and learn science through cutting edge research and hands-on investigations led by Rutgers faculty and graduate students.

Rutgers Adventure Series: For students in grades 5-8. Students learn science by working in the field with Rutgers faculty and graduate students.

4-H also offers a wide range of other STEM events for science-interested members of the public in grades K-12 and beyond.


72 Dudley Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone Number:
(848) 932-3285
Affiliated Campuses:
New Brunswick/Piscataway

Who This Program is Best Suited For

Grade Level:
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
College Awareness
Rutgers Schools:
School Of Environmental And Biological Sciences

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