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Knights Baseball Camp

Rutgers Athletics

The Knights Baseball Camp was established to provide top-quality baseball instruction to players of all ages from the best coaches in all of New Jersey.

Program Requirements

Enrollment Criteria:
Students who meet specific program criteria can enroll/participate in this program by signing up.
Program Fee:
Yes - $355.00 (one-time)


Knights Baseball Camp offers a variety of options. The focus of the Knights Baseball Camp is teaching each camper the proper way to play the game, while also stressing the importance of having fun.

Junior Knights Camp

Members of the Scarlet Knights baseball team and coaching staff will instruct this four-day camp. Campers will be instructed in fundamentals including hitting, pitching, catching, base running, bunting, fielding, team defense and more. The lessons learned in drill work will be put to the test in games played each day. This camp offers a fun environment that will focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game that will help each camper succeed on the field. Open to ages 8-12.

Hitters Camp
This three-day camp will emphasize all aspects of hitting and will help make players the best offensive players they can be, both physically and mentally. The basic fundamentals of the swing will be highlighted, while focusing on exploiting individual strengths for the type of hitter the player is. Every player will get plenty of swings in drills, cage work, batting practice sessions, and simulated game situations. Open to 8th-12th graders.

Pitcher/Catcher Camp
This three-day camp will focus on the pitcher and catcher battery. Pitchers will work primarily on proper throwing mechanics, and will also learn how to increase arm strength in order to gain both velocity and movement on pitches. Catchers will concentrate on their receiving mechanics, as well as correct throwing and blocking techniques. The two will combine each day and put everything together in supervised bullpen sessions. Open to 8th-12th graders.

High School Prospect Camp (Session I & II)
This is THE camp for the advanced player who has aspirations to move on to the collegiate level of baseball. With our experienced camp coaching staff, players will not only learn what it takes to get to the next level, but will also gain valuable exposure to those who can help you get there. All aspects of the game will be covered, with specialized training based on what position you play. After four days of intensified instruction in a competitive environment on the field, to go along with daily drill sessions, players will know exactly what path to take in order to reach their goals. Open to 9th-12th graders.


83 Rockafeller Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone Number:
(732) 445-7834
Affiliated Campuses:
New Brunswick/Piscataway

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3rd Grade
4th Grade
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