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Arts & Design

Rutgers Community Arts

Rutgers Community Arts offers visual art and designclasses catering to ages 5 through adult.

Program Requirements

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Summer 2022 Visual Arts Programs will have both in-person and online options.

1. Basic Drawing and Painting (Ages 5-7)
Course Description: The focus of this course is to introduce the young aspiring artist to drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture through material exploration. By the end of the course, students will go home with a body of work to showcase, a community of young fellow artists, and a new plethora of visual problem-solving abilities that can only be explored through the creative act of making.

2. Intermediate Drawing and Painting (Ages 8-11)
Course Description: Students develop their drawing and painting skills through observation, memory, imagination, and experimentation. Art history will also be discussed as it relates to each project. This course is designed differently for each semester but revisits themes from previous classes.

3. Drawing and Painting Portfolio Development (Ages 12-18)
Class Description: This class is designed for students who wish to develop their awareness and abilities in drawing and painting, as well as for those considering applying to art school in the future. Students will be given project assignments during each class and will also can develop independent projects over the course of the program. Participants will receive feedback on their artwork and portfolios. Contemporary art and art history will be discussed. Instructions for taking appropriate photos of artwork for a portfolio will be covered.

4. Independent Study: Filmmaking (Ages 14-18)
Class Description: This course focuses on introducing students to the world of filmmaking and new media. Students will learn the fundamentals of storyboarding, character design, cinematography, directing, sound design and editing. Each week students will be introduced to a new facet of filmmaking through small workshops, group, and independent projects alongside lectures and screenings.  

5. Independent Study: Animation (Ages 14-18)
Class Description: The Animation Independent Study is designed for students, at any level of video-making experience, who are interested in creating digital moving images. Students will learn narrative development, character design, story-boarding, stop-motion, and editing using free software such as Krita, Blender, and Pencil 2D. In addition, our Animation Independent Study now includes workshops that teach students how to have an online presence for applying to colleges and for archiving their body of work for professional purposes. 

6. Introduction to Film and Animation (Ages 8-18)
Class Description: In this course students will examine the elements of storytelling by learning the fundamentals of how to create memorable characters, settings, and narratives. Students who are in the beginning stages of crafting their own worlds and need guidance on how to create them are encouraged to take this course. They will be taught how to draw, conceptualize, and realize their beloved narratives. Concepts such as storyboarding, and character designing are amongst the many aspects that will be taught in this course.


33 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone Number:
(848) 932-1500
Affiliated Campuses:
New Brunswick/Piscataway

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